Find a lost Jedi on the quarantined world of Taris, and then rescue her from the clutches of the Black Vulkars.edit


Quick Walkthrough Edit

  1. Gain access to the Lower City.
  2. Find Mission Vao
  3. Get the Vulkar's prototype accelerator.
  4. Save Bastila.

Detailed Walkthrough Edit

Access to the Lower City Edit

As you can see, the Upper City is crawling with Sith Troopers, but no need to fret; the Sith hardly know you by face, and you can so much as try to start a conversation with them, and they will not become hostile. So what do you do now? You save a man from davik's bounty hunters and proceed to a door to the lower city. Eventually you will find mission Vao and her Wookiee friend Zalbaar. Later on when you arrive at the hidden beks base, their leader tells you to take Mission to get you to the vulkars base to find a stolen swoop bike so you can compete in an annual race to win Bastila from slavery. The only rule to this though is that Mission only will help you to get through the sewers if you save Zalbaar from slavery after he was kidnapped by Gamorrean slavers. (Hint for later) after finding Zalbaar, and you are about to encounter the rancor Mission warned you about, play as Mission and use her cloaking device to sneak past the rancor as battling it never works.
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