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Previously reported Glitches for KOTOR 2.

"TSF Bounty: Escaped Criminals" breaking, the Rodian and Devaronian vanishing

The Rodian and Devaronian described by Lieutenant Grenn are supposed to appear in the Czerka offices - specifically, standing at Jana Lorso's desk conversing with her - after the player learns about the bounty from Grenn. When the player confronts them, they then flee to board a Czerka shuttle to the Restoration Zone. When the player's party finally reaches the zone themselves, the two killers will then be the first Czerka mercenaries encountered. However, depending on the player's interactions and order of operations, the criminals may fail to spawn entirely. Even if their initial spawn and flight are triggered, they may still fail to appear in the Restoration Zone as they should. This glitch is most common for players choosing to side with the Ithorians, due to conversations with Chodo Habat and Mozza incorrectly resetting the killers' global value. A different glitch allows the player to tell Grenn they killed the criminals even if they only saw them flee, and claim the rewards despite not having actually done anything. This exploit is unfortunately the only reliable way for a light side player to complete the quest, barring fan-made patches.

Super Saber Glitch

The Super Saber Glitch requires multiple lightsaber crystals of the same type.


1. Take the lightsaber you want to make into a super saber and remove all of the crystals and choose your colour. Note that once you have made the super saber, changing the colour will remove the glitch and reset the saber.

2. Place a crystal in the top power crystal slot. Press the assemble button and leave the work bench. Save. The crystal should be in the bottom slot when you re-open the work bench. Place another crystal of the same kind in the top slot.

3. Assemble the lightsaber and save. When you re-enter the workbench the crystals should have stacked. Repeat until saber has desired damage.