After completing the second phase of your training as a Jedi, your jedi instructor will tell you that to become a Jedi you must remove the taint in the gorve within the lands outside the jedi enclave. To get to these lands, you must find the area of the enclave where a droid will tell you "the council has decreed that you may come and go as you please". The doors will then open to the area known as the courtyard. after passing through the courtyard and the other areas after it, you will eventually find the grove. Within it you will find a group of Mandalorians twice. you will be asked by a settler to kill them and their leader whose remains will give you an additional 2 lightsabers, among other things. You will also find a jedi who, after talking with him, will let you solve a murder case for him. The real challenge happens away from these side quests. You will see some ruins and a figure kneeling in them, getting closer will make the figure stand up, and use her powers to immobilize your companions. You must then do signifigant damage to Juhani before she stops fighting. You must then talk to her and decide on an action to complete your task.

Light side: convince Juhani that the order will take her in again, persuasion not quite nessasary.


Dark side: decide to kill juhani.

Either way will allow you to complete your quest and report back to the Jedi Counsel.

If you look to turn into a sith, here is one thing to remember; when you leave the planet, if still alive, Juhanni will come with you as part of your party.

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