Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Wiki

KOTOR is the first game in the KOTOR series, set 4000 years before the events of Episode IV, the game sets you as a Republic soldier seeking to destroy an evil Sith Lord known as Darth Malak before he and his fleet can conquer the galaxy.

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Character Information[]

  • Attributes-Information on all KOTOR character attributes and modifiers.
  • Skills- Information on the skills used in KOTOR and their apparent effects on gameplay.
  • Feats- Information on the feats in KOTOR and their related uses.
  • Force Powers- Information on the force powers in KOTOR and their related uses.
  • Alignment Charts- Information on the player character's alignment, and it's effect on gameplay.
  • Classes- a list of the pages for all classses in KotoR.

Other Characters[]

  • Enemies- Information on the enemies in KOTOR.
  • Characters- A list of all the non-player characters in KOTOR.

Gameplay Information[]

  • Controls- A table for the controls for all platforms of the game.
  • First Time Players- Information that first time players may find useful.
  • Quests- Information on all the quests in-game, including side quests.
  • Items- Information on Items and where to find them.
  • Hints- Sorts of gameplay hints that can help you make the most of your gameplay experience.

World Information[]

  • Places- A list of all the places in KOTOR, with information on each.
  • Maps- Are you familiar with your whereabouts?
  • Services- alist of all the services provided in the game (merchants, slaves, etc.) and their locations.


  • Glitches- Odd occurences that may happen during gameplay.
  • Cheats-Cheat codes that you can use during gameplay if you wish.